Beyonce Said Bitch

Beyonce Said Bitch

…Or at least I think that’s the big deal?

Sure, there are a few more expletives littered throughout the song.

She’s supposed to be a role model for millions of girls throughout the world.  She provides an empowering statement for all females with the following lyrics:

“I took some time to live my life
But don’t think I’m just his little wife
Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted
This my shit, bow down bitches”

A little cuss here, a little cuss there.  But with the words “Don’t think I’m just his little wife,” her message is clear.  She’s married to the king of the rap world, and even though she is the queen, she has earned that title on her own.


Hugo Chavez Dead at 58

Hugo Chavez Dead at 58

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lost his battle with cancer several weeks ago.  He was loved by the people of Venezuela, but many people in the United States regard him as an anti-American Socialist leader.  Regardless, as this article points out, Venezuela is the fourth-largest supplier of oil to the United States, offering a strong connection between the countries and potentially leaving officials of both countries up in the air about further relations.

Campion Literary Society Hosts Open Reading


This article was never published, but here’s a review on an open reading hosted by King’s College’s Campion Literary Society


Members of the Campion Literary Society met this past Thursday to share poetry, short stories and articles during an open reading.

The Campion Society members plan to gather regularly to hold open readings as well as writing workshops.  All events will take place on Thursdays and will be open to all King’s students.

Last Thursday’s event began at 7 p.m., but Campion Society Treasurer Jenel Gronkowski said that for the sake of convenience the group will try to hold its open readings earlier in the day.

“We know later meetings are rough on commuters,” Gronkowski said.

The open readings will all hold a common theme.  In accordance with Valentine’s Day, last week’s theme was love.

Readers at the event share mostly their own work, but works published by other writers are also sometimes shared.  Audience members will then give the reader their reactions, providing feedback which could improve writing skills.  More often than not, the reader will offer some kind of a background to the piece they are about to share.

The Campion Society announces their upcoming open readings and writing workshops on the campus calendar.  If you’d like to attend, or find out the theme for the next reading, contact President Sarah Scinto.

Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang Rock Kirby Center

Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang Rock Kirby Center

Here’s an article I wrote about a concert I saw a few weeks ago.